Let’s start with the traditional definition of a troll – a mythical, cave-dwelling being in folklore, either giant or dwarf with an ugly appearance. Some of which is still true in the today version of a “troll”. As described in the Urban Dictionary, “one who purposely and deliberately starts an argument in a manner which attacks others”…….

I have seen too much of that lately on my FB feed and it saddens me, more than it should. A friend of mine and myself were discussing a certain topic that has been debated within the cosplay people about what is appropriate as far as makeup. You know the subject and I really don’t want to repeat it, but the people who came out of the wood works defending what in any other circumstance would be considered beyond racist was dumbfounding.

It made me sad, not only because it did offend me, but it is conversations that had to be argued over again on why some people would be offended. People were being dismissive about it, like it doesn’t matter because it’s all in fun and make believe. In my opinion, it’s not all fun and games until you sport that kind of “cosplay” all your life and had the real struggles that just don’t wash away.

I told my friend that I purposely didn’t comment on the FB threads because it would just feed the trolls. Giving them something to pounce on and keep this conversation going, which I am probably doing by writing this. I didn’t comment in public, I stopped reading the articles and responses, it was too much.

Maybe I am naive, but if my naivety keeps me from being jaded, I will keep my shiny-happy thoughts that everyone should just know better. When I see post like that, I don’t comment, I stay away. I don’t like feeding the trolls.

Wow, I Have A Blog – Deux

Yup, look what I unearthed in the interwebs. This is very interesting, the last time I posted here it was for a class assignment. That is a very sad statement, sorry.

Well, someone I know has told me that you can become good at blogging if you just….blog. So here it goes…

Well, actually I am not ready to write anything at this point, just thought I Lazarus this back. If you don’t know what Lazarus, you should:

A) Read the bible

B) Read Batman

Your choice, I won’t judge

The End of the Journey – Analytics, Budgets Final Recommendations

During my research I found a great website called Quantcast that will offer analysis of websites, I have an unconventional suggestion; track the main website from Quantcast. This analysis will let you know where the traffic is coming from and where it is going to, which is a good way to know if the information you have on Facebook is driving traffic to and from there. Having the analysis from the main site can help you know who your audience is, this is a good way to know how to tailor your post on the Facebook fan page, which images were viewed more on Flickr and which videos from YouTube the traffic came from. It gives the charts of the peaks of traffic and when it falls and when it steadies, this way you know what attracts viewers.

Quantcast services are free to track you information, it offers many services to boost your audience appeal. Facebook also offers tracking services for free as well. The budget would mainly consist of hiring a photographer for the images, which would be per event that would cost $400 minimum with at least three event a year, part time person for social media, which can be $13 per hour, working a 20-30 week to set the campaigns and schedule all the postings. This would be around $11,340 per year for your budget.

In The Middle – Recommendations & Requirements

A recommendation for the action plan is to first, begin with an email campaign to reintroduce the Southwest Human Development Facebook page. Have an outline of how the Development team will use the site; new information will be posted first on Facebook, following the update on the main site. The success of current and past events will have center stage on Facebook, first look at the images and invitations to these events will post first there. Comments will be highly encourage for all who participated, also allow them to post their own pictures from the event. Offer families from the various programs to be a featured story, ask questions to those who are already “fans” of the page, offer a little “prize” if the page reaches new fans a week.

The Flickr account is a great example of a picture can tell a thousand words. All of the pictures taken at the events, especially those involving children will draw in viewership. Provide the link to the images everyone where and anywhere you can, on Facebook, on the main site, tell the employees to include the link in their signatures. Separate the images in their own albums, add captions to highlight the person in the photo, take a lot of pictures!

Southwest Human Development is starting to gather a good collection of videos that include explanation of programs and television spots for events. These put faces to names as well to go along with the images on Flickr, but it also provides little synopsis of what Southwest can offer to the community. They can see the caring faces behind such programs like the ADAPT Shop, to show people where the funding is coming from as well. Why not expand on these videos, include how doctors work with families with newborn babies, first time mothers, or how parents a specialist build functioning walkers and wheelchairs for children in the ADAPT Shop. This also provides another view of the company.

Since these social media sites are already up and running, there really doesn’t need to be any further technical requirements then what the employees have. My only suggestion would be to make sure the server used to house all the images is larger enough and to have a backup like an additional server or have the images save in cloud systems offered online.

The Beginning – Challenge Accepted

Drawing people to the website is definitely not the problem, but having people interested in what Southwest Human Development has to say or post on their Facebook page is not generating the traffic it has the potential of doing. Fun facts, behind the scenes, images, spotlights on families or events; these are the points and information that would interest readers, if they know it’s there. How can Southwest draw more attention to their Facebook page? How can they generate viewership and keep it?

Proposing a new marketing campaign will energize viewership to Facebook, viewing the Flickr album, and watching new videos on YouTube. This can be a simple change in the way you send email notifications, changing the link in your email signatures to go directly to Facebook, or just encouraging exploration on these social media sites on the main website.

2nd Part to Week 8 Assignment

The three analytics that I can use is; “clicks” to see if they people visiting other sites from my blog, “top posts & pages” to see what posts have gotten the highest views with WordPress offer tips to expand my audience, “totals, followers & shares” this will let me know how many shares my post received and which post were popular. These three items I believe will help me shape my blog posts and topics that will draw an audience in.

A way to generate revenue is to post images and descriptions of products in blog posts. Blogs can be used to describe items in detail and draw customer to a main page to purchase. Unfortunately, using WordPress.com and not WordPres.org, it is limited to what you can do with your blog. To get all the bells and whistle, you would have to pay to upgrade.